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Action Trackchair

About the Action Trackchair

After 30 years of being in the recreational motor sports business, Tim Swenson decided to help people to have the freedom of getting off the normal path. He started developing this all terrain wheelchair in 2008, and called it the Action Trackchair. Tim and Donna have a son Jeff, who is in a chair, and know of many other friends that would love the freedom of hunting, hiking, going to the beach, fishing, and other similar activities. The Action Trackchair enables people to have access to those types of activities.

Dax, Lowell and the Twins

Bringing the Action Trackchair to Canada

In April of 2009, Dax Toews' twin sons were born. Within several months of their premature birth, it became apparent that one twin, Gavin, had some physical delays. He was subsequently diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Wanting to do everything possible to help him in the future, both Dax and his father Lowell, started investigating mobility devices. While at a family reunion in Minnesota, family members showed us a brochure for the Action Trackchair. Tim Swenson, Dax & Lowell have since been working to import this off-road wheelchair to Canada. Dax and Lowell have now become distributors of the Action Trackchair in Ontario. It always amazes them when they see the pure joy on people's faces after first getting in the chair – the total freedom they have never experienced in their standard scooters and wheelchairs.

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Dax & Lowell Toews
Action Mobility Inc.
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