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Action Trackchair Testimonials

You have no idea the world of unlimited possibilities this opens up for someone until you try it. Short of climbing a mountain, this chair feels like it will conquer anything, and it might even do that! All my able-bodied friends want one too.

Jason K. - Kitchener, Ontario

Michael Hoff enjoying off-road hunting with the Action TrackChair

Action Trackchair, has meant the difference to me of really living without fear! I am able to go places and do things that I haven't been able to do for 16 years. all with the confidence that i will be able to get there and get back out again! It has redefined the statement confined to a wheelchair. sure I am still in a chair, but I don't feel confined near as much. This off-road wheelchair is no less than a life changer! It is defiantly the ultimate off-road wheelchair!

- Michael S. Hoff – Cottonwood, Minnesota

Jeff A Swenson using the Action Trackchair.

The Action Trackchair is by far the biggest change in my life since my accident 11 years ago. It has enabled me to be able to go hiking, camping, gardening, and HUNTING! This off-road wheelchair has definitely been life changing. I have not had so much mobility and freedom in a long time. Thanks dad, your the best!

- Jeff A Swenson – Helena, Montana

Jason Holdahl, enjoying the beach and his family with the Action Trackchair.

The track chair has allowed me to get back on the sand next to the Columbia River, my favorite local destination. I used to have at least two people carry me and my wheelchair across the soft sand. The track chair has allowed me to be independent in the places I love. I get to help carry stuff out the beach instead of the other way around. I don’t feel so disabled when using my off road electric wheelchair. Once again I can join my wife and kids for a stroll down the beach, without being pushed in my wheelchair! ps: I get to “stomp” in the mud puddles with my boys.

- Jason Holdahl – Woodland Washington

Kirk Woodfill, Ice fishing using the Action Trackchair.

The difference between attending outdoor activities and being fully involved in outdoor activities has been the use of a Action Track Chair. For 33 years I have been attending snowmobile snow cross events across the upper Midwest and until this year I have always been "placed" in the best viewing spot but that is where I stayed. With the use of the Action Track Chair I was able to move about the entire race course and roam the complete pit area visiting with friends like never before. I cant wait to use the Track Chair this spring and summer. It has been over 30 years since I have been on the beach next to the water without being stuck in one spot. My family and friends have always kept me involved in outdoor activities, pushing or pulling my wheelchair through the roughest terrain and to the most remote locations imaginable. Now I can go to those same spots and further on my own. My Family and Friends thank everyone at Action Track Chair.

- Kirk Woodfill – T-5 Paraplegic- Brainerd, Minnesota

Neil Altenhofen hunting with the Action Trackchair.

My Action Track Chair is amazing, I now have more freedom to get out and about then my daily wheel chair. I no longer have to think about how to get my wheel chair to my favorite hunting spot, who will be around to help move me, etc. I now just have my wife help me get into my Track Chair, get me set up with a rifle and then off I go… No more sitting off to the side when my family is playing outside, I can get right in the fun… Thanks Action Track Chair for giving me the freedom to move around outside.

- Neil Altenhofen – C-5 Quadriplegic – Zimmerman, MN

My brother lives on The Snowflake Ski Resort and one of Jace's job was to find wild Tigerlilies in the woods for the bouqets. That boy was all over the trails and into the woods. We even brought it down to the Lake Superior shore to feed the birds and he drove all over the rocks and sand and even a little on the edge of the water. We just give Jace a walkie talkie so we can find him and off he goes with know one hovering over him anymore. He LOVES his new found freedom!! Thanks so much for all you have done to improve Jace's life.(written by Jace’s mother)

- Jace Hanson – Fosston, MN

Skyler Twitchell enjoying the outdoors again with his Action Trackchair

After my injury I didn't think I would ever see the outdoor the way I'd grown up with and loved. But with the Action Trackchair I'm now able to motor throw brush and over tundra by myself. This freedom is something I have been dreaming about since my injury, I need help getting in, but then I'm free to choose my own path. This Action Trackchair has greatly improved my attitude for life. Thank you folks at Action Trackchair for building such a tough and capable chair.

- Skyler Twitchell – C5/6 quadriplegic - Fairbanks, Alaska

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